Sunday, January 31, 2021

2/01/2021. Awesome Baseball Players who died 2021

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Awesome Baseball Players who died 2021

Hank Aaron 86

Hank Aaron withstood the deliberate obscurity in baseball’s Negro League and became an American icon by breaking a record that was arguably the most hallowed mark in sports at the time he broke it. He died on Jan. 22 at age 86.

Don Sutton 75

Don Sutton, the Hall of Fame pitcher who was a stalwart of the Los Angeles Dodgers’ rotation spanning an era from Sandy Koufax to Fernando Valenzuela, died on Jan. 18 at the age of 75

Tommy Lasorda 93
Tommy Lasorda, one of baseball’s most colorful characters of the late 20th century, died on Jan. 7 at age 93, silencing a voice that could be both comical and profane but never boring.

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