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10/24/20. Free College Picks! Won 3 Team Parlay $225! 58-16 78.3%

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10/24..........9-1, now 58-16 78.3% 
College Games 10/24/20 Expert Picks 
Kenny Rogers
 Picks from 10/17

3 Team $100 Moneyline Parlay $225
 Liberty (56-35) correct, Army (49-3) correct and Marshall (20-9) correct
Lets get ready to rumble

Lucky 3

I would marry any one of these beautiful ladies tomorrow after our winning games. 
They love to gamble, drink and party. 
Always smiling! Better than any of my 3 ex-wives!

Lets get ready to rumble.
I'm very selective on teams that I pick. I do not choose every game. Sorry. Just trying to pick winners for you. No charge for info.
Free College Picks!

Moneyline only! Just needs to win!!!

1) (-46) Clemson 5-0 vs SYR 1-4. Clemson could easily win by 50 points. They won last wk 73-7.
No Bet! (47-21)

2) ALA 4-0 defeats 18) TENN(48-17) correct

3) Notre Dame 4-0 defeats Pitt 3-3. 
High Scoring Game (45-3)  correct

4) GA 3-1 defeats KY 0-2 did not play

5) OH ST 0-0 defeats Neb 0-0 (52-17) correct
1st game for both of these teams after 7 wks.

9) Penn St 0-0 defeats IND 0-0
1st game for both of these teams after 7 wks.
(35-36) Shocking upset. IND makes 2 points conversion. wrong.

5 Team $100 Moneyline Parlay $304.70 
ALA, Notre Dame, GA (no game), OH ST and Penn ST.

8 Team $100 Moneyline Parlay
ALA, Notre Dame, GA, OH ST, Penn ST,
Liberty, Army and Marshall

3 Team $100 Moneyline Parlay $225
Liberty (56-35) correct, Army (49-3) correct and Marshall (20-9) correct

Let's get ready to rumble for the 2nd top 10 teams

10) MO 1-2 loses vs 10) FL 2-1 (postponed Covid Virus)

13) VA 1-3 loses vs 13) Miami 4-1 (14-19) corrrect

14) TX ST 1-5 loses tp )14 BYU 5-0 (14-52) correct

16) Ill 0-0 loses to 16) Wisconsin 0-0 (0-45) correct

1st game for both of these teams after 7 wks.



10/25/20. Seattle lost in O/T 34-37. Lost $1,281 Parlay! Now 65-28-1 69.6%

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by Kenny Rogers
Went 4-2 this week plus winning Parlay of $255,
now 58-23-1, 71.3%
went 7-5 10/25/20
now 65-28-1 69.6%

3 Team $100 Parlay 10/18/20 Paid $255! Yeah!!

Lucky 3

1) Detroit 2-3 defeats Atlanta 1-5 (23-22) correct
2) Clev 4-2 defeats Cinn1-4-1 (37-34) correct
3) Pitts 5-0 defeats Tenn 5-0 (27-24) correct
4) Car 3-3 defeats New Orleans 3-2 (24-27) wrong
5) Buffalo 4-2 defeats NY Jets 0-6 (18-10) correct
6) Dallas 2-3 defeats Wash 1-5 (3-25) wrong
more below

7) Green Bay 4-1 defeats Houston 1-5 (35-20)  correct
8) Seattle 5-0 defeats Ariz 3-2 (34-37 O/T) wrong
9) San Francisco 3-3 defeats New England 2-3 (33-6) correct
10) Jacksonville 1-5 loses Los Angeles Chargers1-4
 (29-39) correct
11) Tampa Bay 4-2 defeats Las Vegas 3-2 (45-20) correct
12) Kanas City 5-1 defeats Denver 2-3 (43-16) correct

Monday Night
13) Chicago 5-1 loses LA Rams 4-2  (10-24) correct
5 Team $100 Parlay Clev (37-34) correct
Pitts (27-24) correct, Buffalo (18-10) correct, Seattle (34-37 O/T) wrongSan Francisco (33-6) correct,

Never won $1,000 Parlay since I started writing on my blog 2014!

4 out of 4 wins, just needs Seattle to win. Lost 34-37 O/T. Had 27-17 lead and blew it. 2 seconds left ARIZ kicked a 44 yards field goal to tied score 34-34. Arizona had a chance to win but missed field goal. Seattle had chance to win but threw interception.
ARIZ kicked field goal with 20 seconds to win

Friday, October 16, 2020

10/18/20. 3 Team Parlay, Won $255 Yeah! NFL Expert Picks by Kenny Rogers. Now 58-23-1.....71.3%.

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by Kenny Rogers
Now 54-21-1.....71.3%
Went 4-2 this week plus winning Parlay of $255,
now 58-23-1

3 Team Parlay 10/18/20 Paid $255! Yeah!!

Lucky 3

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 I'm so happy that my best friend, Daryl (who died 4x's) is finally out of the hospital! Thanks everybody for praying for him.......

Here are my 6 picks that I'm betting on:

Houston 1-4 1-5 loses to TENN 4-0  5-0

(36-42) correct

Balt 4-1 5-1 defeats Phil 1-3-1 1-4-1

(30-28) correct

Clev 4-1 4-2 loses to Pitts 4-0 5-0

(7-38) correct

Green Bay 4-0 4-1 defeats Tampa Bay 3-2 4-2

(10-38) wrong

LA Rams 4-1  4-2 defeats SF 49ers 2-3  3-3

(16-24) wrong

(Mon) KC 4-1  5-1 defeats Buff 4-1  4-2

(26-17) correct

$100 3 Team Parlay 

Tenn, Balt, Pitts 

$259.15 estimate

Yeah! 10/18/20 Won Parlay $255

$100 6 Team Parlay 

Tenn, Balt, Pitts, Green Bay,

LA Rams and KC

$1,487.08 estimate (lost)

Sign up, deposit and place your bets.

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10/16-17/20. College Games 9-3, Now 49-15, 76.5% by Kenny Rogers.

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by Kenny Rogers

Thank you 24 25 26 40 Followers!

Went 9-3 this week, 
now 49-15...76.5%
I'm so happy that my best friend, Daryl (who died 4x's) is finally out of the hospital! Thanks everybody for praying for him.......

College Games Expert 13 12 Picks 1 postponed
by Kenny Rogers


10/16 Fri
(17) SMU 4-0 5-0 defeats Tulane 2-2 2-3 (37-34) O/T correct 

(14) BYU 4-0 5-0 defeats Houston 1-0 1-1 (43-26)

10/17 Sat
(1) Clemson 4-0 5-0 crushes Ga Tech 2-2 2-3
by 24-27 points (73-7) correct 

Pitts 3-2 3-3 loses (13) Miami 3-1 4-1 
(19-31) correct

Liberty 4-0 5-0 defeats Syracuse 1-3 1-4
(38-21) correct

(15) Auburn 2-1 2-2 defeats S. Carolina 1-2 2-2
(22-30) wrong

KY 1-2 2-2 loses to (18) Tenn 2-1 2-2 
(34-18) wrong 

(8) CINN 3-0 defeats Tulane 1-1 postponed

Army 4-1 5-1 defeats UTSA 3-2 3-3
(28-16) correct

Louisville 1-3 1-4 gets crushed by (4) Notre Dame 
3-0 4-0. Notre Dame wins by 20-25!
(7-12) correct they won but did not beat spread

Duke 1-4 1-5 loses to N Car State 3-1 4-1
(20-31) correct

(5) N. Car 3-0 3-1 defeats Fl St 1-3 2-3
(28-31) wrong 

(3) GA 3-0 3-1 loses to (2) ALA 3-0 4-0
(24-41) correct

Kenny Rogers Parlays
$100 against spread 
Notre Dame (-16 1/2) and Alabama (-5)
Win potential $186.36

$100 Moneyline
Army, Notre Dame, N. Car State, N. Car
and ALA
Win potential $1,136. 35

Sunday, October 11, 2020

10/12/2020. NFL Expert Picks. Shocking Upset.... Balt will not win by 12 1/2! Wrong! Now 54-21-1 71.7%

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by Kenny Rogers
47-17-1 73.6% 11 games!
Went 7-4 this week 

Now 54-21-1 71.7%

NFL Expert Picks
Winners in Red

Carolina vs Atlanta 23-16 correct
Las Vegas vs KC 40-32 wrong 
Ariz vs Jets 30-10 correct
Phil vs Pitts 29-38 correct
Ram vs Wash 30-10 correct
Cinn Vs Balt 3-27 wrong 
NFL Expert Picks. Shocking Upset....
Balt will not win by 12 1/2! Guaranteed, 

Miami Vs SF 43-17 wrong
NY Giants vs Dallas 34-37 correct
Denver vs New England postponed
Minn vs Seattle 26-27 correct 

Chargers vs New Orleans 27-30 correct
Buffalo vs Tenn 16-42 wrong
Lucky 3

10/10/20.College Games Expert 5 Picks by Kenny Rogers. Best friend in hospital 4 wks. Went 5-0, now 40-12...76.9%

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by Kenny Rogers

Please pray for my personal friend and driver, Daryl of 4+ years. He has been in the hospital for the past 4 weeks. He had 3 heart attacks, died 2x's, revived and had CPR last Friday. He has alot medical problems. Kidney problems on Dialysis, COPD, Lung Problems, Breathing Problems.
Please pray for him. I've been crying the past 4 weeks.

Sorry I didn't have enought times to make my picks for College Football games. 
I only made 5 picks:

35-12. Went 5-0, now 40-12...76.9%

Winning picks in Red

GA -12 1/2 vs TN 44-24 correct
Auburn -13 1/2 Ark 30-28 correct but did not beat spread
Ala -24 Miss but wont beat spread 63-48 correct
Clemson -14 Miami definitely beats the spread 42-17 correct
Notre Dame -20 FSU will win but won't beat spread, 42-26 correct
Lucky 3

Friday, October 9, 2020

10/04/20. Bob Gibson, Cardinals Star Pitcher Died. 1.12 ERA!

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                    Bob Gibson, Cardinals Star Pitcher Died

Robert Gibson (born Pack Robert Gibson; November 9, 1935 – October 2, 2020) was an American professional baseball pitcher who played 17 seasons in Major League Baseball (MLB) for the St. Louis Cardinals (1959–1975). Nicknamed "Gibby" and "Hoot" (after actor Hoot Gibson), Gibson tallied 251 wins, 3,117 strikeouts, and a 2.91 earned run average (ERA) during his career. A nine-time All-Star and two-time World Series champion, he won two Cy Young Awards and the 1968 National League (NL) Most Valuable Player (MVP) Award. Known for a fiercely competitive nature and for intimidating opposing batters, he was elected in 1981 to the Baseball Hall of Fame in his first year of eligibility. The Cardinals retired his uniform number 45 in September 1975 and inducted him into the team Hall of Fame in 2014.

Born in Omaha, Nebraska, Gibson overcame childhood illness to excel in youth sports, particularly basketball and baseball. After briefly playing under contract to both the Harlem Globetrotters basketball team and the St. Louis Cardinals organization, Gibson decided to continue playing only baseball professionally. He became a full-time starting pitcher in July 1961 and earned his first All-Star appearance in 1962. Gibson won 2 of 3 games he pitched in the 1964 World Series, then won 20 games in a season for the first time in 1965. Gibson also pitched three complete game victories in the 1967 World Series.

The pinnacle of Gibson's career was 1968, when he posted a 1.12 ERA for the season and then recorded 17 strikeouts in Game 1 of the 1968 World Series. Gibson threw a no-hitter in 1971 but began experiencing swelling in his knee in subsequent seasons. At the time of his retirement in 1978, Gibson ranked second only to Walter Johnson among major league pitchers in career strikeouts.[1]

After retiring as a player in 1975, Gibson later served as pitching coach for his former teammate Joe Torre. At one time a special instructor coach for the St. Louis Cardinals, Gibson was later selected for the Major League Baseball All-Century Team in 1999. Gibson was the author of the memoir Pitch by Pitch, with Lonnie Wheeler. Gibson died of pancreatic cancer on October 2, 2020, exactly 52 years after his memorable 1968 World Series Game 1 performance in which he struck out 17 Detroit Tigers.

Baseball career

Gibson was assigned to the Cardinals' big league roster for the start of the 1959 season, recording his Major League debut on April 15 as a relief pitcher.[5] Reassigned to the Cardinals minor league affiliate the Omaha Cardinals soon after, Gibson returned to the Major Leagues on July 30 as a starting pitcher, earning his first Major League win that day.[16] Gibson's experience in 1960 was similar, pitching nine innings for the Cardinals before shuffling between the Cardinals and their Rochester affiliate until mid-June.[17] After posting a 3–6 record with a 5.61 ERA, Gibson traveled to Venezuela to participate in winter baseball at the conclusion of the 1960 season.[18] Cardinals manager Solly Hemus shuffled Gibson between the bullpen and the starting pitching rotation for the first half of the 1961 season.[19] In a 2011 documentary, Gibson indicated that Hemus's racial prejudice played a major role in his misuse of Gibson, as well as of teammate Curt Flood, both of whom were told by Hemus that they would not make it as major leaguers and should try something else.[20] Hemus was replaced as Cardinals manager in July 1961 by Johnny Keane, who had been Gibson's manager on the Omaha minor league affiliate several years prior.[21] Keane and Gibson shared a positive professional relationship, and Keane immediately moved Gibson into the starting pitching rotation full-time. Gibson proceeded to compile an 11–6 record the remainder of the year, and posted a 3.24 ERA for the full season.[5][22] Off the field, Bill WhiteCurt Flood, and Gibson started a civil rights movement to make all players live in the same clubhouse and hotel rooms, and led the St. Louis Cardinals to become the first sports team to end segregation, three years before President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the "Great Society" legislation in 1964.[12]

Born: November 9, 1935
Omaha, Nebraska
Died: October 2, 2020 (aged 84)
Omaha, Nebraska
Batted: RightThrew: Right
MLB debut
April 15, 1959, for the St. Louis Cardinals
Last MLB appearance
September 3, 1975, for the St. Louis Cardinals
MLB statistics
Win–loss record251–174
Earned run average2.91
Career highlights and awards
Member of the National
Empty Star.svg Empty Star.svg Empty Star.svg Baseball Hall of Fame Empty Star.svg Empty Star.svg Empty Star.svg
Vote84.0% (first ballot)

10/08/2020. Chairman of the Board, Whitey Ford Died Oct 8, 2020.

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by Kenny Rogers

Whitey Ford, the pitching great who helped the New York Yankees dominate in the 1950s and ‘60s, dies at 91, a family member says.

What an awesome trio, Mickey Mantle, Billy Martin and you. I watched you pitch many times at Yankees Stadium between 1960-1964. What a great pitcher.

Rest in peace. We love you and all Yankees fans miss you!


Edward Charles "Whitey" Ford (October 21, 1928 – October 8, 2020),[1] nicknamed "The Chairman of the Board", was an American professional baseball pitcher, who played his entire 16-year Major League Baseball (MLB) career with the New York Yankees. The team retired his uniform number 16 in his honor, on Saturday, August 3, 1974. Ford was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame, on Monday, August 12, 1974.[2] Ford died on October 8, 2020, at the age of 91.[3][4]

Ford is a ten-time MLB All-Star and six-time World Series champion. In 1961, he won both the Cy Young Award and World Series Most Valuable Player Award. Ford led the American League (AL) in wins three times and in earned run average (ERA) twice.

In the wake of Yogi Berra's death in 2015, George Vecsey, writing in the New York Times, suggested that Ford was now "The Greatest Living Yankee."[5]

Early life and career

Ford was born in Manhattan (66th St). At age 5, moved to the Astoria (34th Avenue) neighborhood of Queens in New York City, a few miles from the Triborough Bridge to Yankee Stadium in the Bronx.[6] He attended public schools and graduated from the Manhattan High School of Aviation Trades.

Ford was signed by the New York Yankees as an amateur free agent in 1947, and played his entire career with them. While still in the minor leagues, he was nicknamed "Whitey" for his light blond hair.[7]

Ford began his Major League Baseball career on July 1, 1950, with the Yankees and made a spectacular debut, winning his first nine decisions before losing a game in relief. Ford received a handful of lower-ballot Most Valuable Player (MVP) votes despite throwing just 112 innings, and was voted the AL Rookie of the Year by the Sporting News. (Walt Dropo was the Rookie of Year choice of the BBWAA.)

In 1951, Ford married Joan at St. Patrick's Catholic Church in Glen Cove, New York on Long Island. They lived in this city for a period during the 1950s. They had two sons and a daughter together.

During the Korean War era, in 1951 and 1952, Ford served in the Army. He rejoined the Yankees for the 1953 season, and the Yankee "Big Three" pitching staff became a "Big Four", as Ford joined Allie ReynoldsVic Raschi, and Eddie Lopat.

Pitching career

Ford eventually went from the No. 4 pitcher on a great staff to the universally acclaimed No. 1 pitcher of the Yankees. He became known as the "Chairman of the Board" for his ability to remain calm and in command during high-pressure situations. He was also known as "Slick," a nickname given to him, Billy Martin and Mickey Mantle by manager Casey Stengel, who called them Whiskey Slicks. Ford's guile was necessary because he did not have an overwhelming fastball, but being able to throw several other pitches very well gave him pinpoint control. Ford was an effective strikeout pitcher for his time, tying the then-AL record for six consecutive strikeouts in 1956, and again in 1958. Ford never threw a no-hitter, but he pitched two consecutive one-hit games in 1955 to tie a record held by several pitchers. Sal Maglie, star pitcher for the New York Giants, thought Ford had a similar style to his own, writing in 1958 that Ford had a "good curve, good control, [a] changeup, [and an] occasional sneaky fast ball."[8]

Ford in 1954.

In 1955, Ford led the American League in complete games and games won; in 1956 in earned run average and winning percentage; in 1958, in earned run average; and in both 1961 and 1963, in games won and winning percentage. Ford won the Cy Young Award in 1961; he likely would have won the 1963 AL Cy Young, but this was before the institution of a separate award for each league, and Ford could not match Sandy Koufax's numbers for the Los Angeles Dodgers of the National League (NL). Ford would also have been a candidate in 1955, but this was before the award was created.

Some of Ford's totals were depressed by Yankees' manager Casey Stengel, who viewed Ford as his top pitching asset and often reserved his ace left-hander for more formidable opponents such as the Tigers, Indians, and White Sox. When Ralph Houk became the manager in 1961, he promised Ford that he would pitch every fourth day, regardless of the opponent; after exceeding 30 starts only once in his nine seasons under Stengel, Ford had 39 in 1961. His first 20-win season, a career-best 25-4 record, and the Cy Young Award ensued, but Ford's season was overshadowed by the home run battle between Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle. As a left-hander with an excellent pick-off move, Ford was also deft at keeping runners at their base: He set a record in 1961 by pitching 243 consecutive innings without allowing a stolen base.

In May 1963, after pitching a shutout, Ford announced he had given up smoking. He said, "My doctor told me that whenever I think of smoking, I should think of a bus starting up and blowing the exhaust in my face."[9]

Career statistics

Ford won 236 games for New York (career 236–106), still a franchise record. Red Ruffing, the previous Yankee record-holder, still leads all Yankee right-handed pitchers, with 231 of his 273 career wins coming with the Yankees. Other Yankee pitchers have had more career wins (for example, Roger Clemens notched his 300th career victory as a Yankee), but amassed them for multiple franchises. David Wells tied Whitey Ford for 13th place in victories by a left-hander on August 26, 2007.

Among pitchers with at least 300 career decisions, Ford ranks first with a winning percentage of .690, the all-time highest percentage in modern baseball history.

During the 16 years that Ford played for the Yankees (1950 and 1953–1967), his .690 winning percentage outpaced that of the Yankees, who had a record of 1,486–1,027 (.594) during the same years, and who were 1,027–106 (.576) for games in which Ford did not earn a decision.

Ford's 2.75 earned run average is the second-lowest among starting pitchers whose careers began after the advent of the live-ball era in 1920. (Only Clayton Kershaw's current 2.51 ERA is lower.) Ford's worst-ever ERA was 3.24. Ford had 45 shutout victories in his career, including eight 1–0 wins.

As a hitter, Ford posted a .173 batting average (177-for-1,023) with 91 runs, 3 home runs, 69 runs batted in (RBI), and 113 bases on balls. In 22 World Series games, he batted .082 (4-for-49) with 4 runs, 3 RBI, and 7 walks. Defensively, he recorded a .961 fielding percentage.

World Series and All-Star Games

Ford's status on the Yankees was underscored by his World Series feats. He was New York's Game One pitcher in 1955195619571958196119621963, and 1964. Ford is the only pitcher to start four consecutive Game Ones, a streak he reached twice. In the 1960 World Series against the Pittsburgh Pirates, Stengel altered this strategy by holding Ford back until Game 3, a decision that angered Ford. The Yankees' ace won both his starts in Games 3 and 6 with complete-game shutouts, but was then unavailable to relieve in the last game of a Yankees loss, the Pirates winning the game — and the Series — on Bill Mazeroski's walk-off home run in the bottom of the ninth. Ford always felt that had he been able to appear in three games instead of just two, the Yankees would have won.

For his career, Ford had 10 World Series victories, more than any other pitcher. Ford also leads all starters in World Series losses (8) and starts (22), as well as innings, hits, walks, and strikeouts. In 1961, he broke Babe Ruth's World Series record of 29⅔ consecutive scoreless innings. The record eventually reached 33⅔, although MLB rule makers retroactively reduced the record to 33 innings since Ford did not complete a full inning before allowing the streak-ending run. It is still a World Series record, although Mariano Rivera broke it as a postseason record in 2000.[10] Ford won the 1961 World Series MVP. In addition to Yankee Stadium, Ford also pitched World Series games in seven other stadiums:


Ford's plaque at Monument Park in Yankee Stadium.

Born: October 21, 1928
New York City, New York
Died: October 8, 2020
Batted: LeftThrew: Left
MLB debut
July 1, 1950, for the New York Yankees
Last MLB appearance
May 21, 1967, for the New York Yankees
MLB statistics
Win–loss record236–106
Earned run average2.75
Career highlights and awards
Member of the National
Empty Star.svg Empty Star.svg Empty Star.svg Baseball Hall of Fame Empty Star.svg Empty Star.svg Empty Star.svg
Vote77.81% (second ballot)