Thursday, January 28, 2021

1/28/2001. 2 Guaranteed Winners...Gonzaga and Houston! 29-9 by Kenny Rogers

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NCAAB Betting

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2 Guaranteed Winners.....


Gonzaga Bulldogs vs San Diego Toreros 01/28/2021 – An unbalanced West Coast Conference game is all set to get underway between a strong and a weak team. The No. 1 ranked Gonzaga Bulldogs are all set to square-off against San Diego Toreros from Jenny Craig Pavilion in San Diego, California. Gonzaga Bulldogs are topping the West Coast play while the Toreros are holding the ninth spot. The college basketball betting odds have been flourishing with picks and predictions of this anticipated game. The Bulldogs are yet to lose their first game this season and they are all set to get past the Toreros.


Gonzaga 15-0 crushes San Diego 2-6 (90-62) correct

Houston 13-1 crushes Tulane 6-4 (83-60) correct


Gonzaga 40 San Diego 29 halftime

Houston 44-14 halftime

 Gonzaga 15-0 crushes San Diego 2-6 (90-62) correct

Houston 13-1 crushes Tulane 6-4 (83-60) correct

 + $460

Bet $25 win both team 

plus $10 parlay

Balance $560 Still up +$520!!!!! 

Without a doubt, college basketball betting is one of the more popular sportsbook options available. Apart from college football and NFL betting, college basketball betting is the more popular option amongst bettors. The reason being, NCAA basketball offers a myriad of games and betting options as well as plenty of opportunities to turn a profit. With a lengthy regular season filled with a ton of matchups, as well as early season tournaments and the massively popular March Madness, there is something to captivate your attention around every corner. So let’s find out what makes college basketball betting so great and how you can make it work for you!

The NCAA Tournament will commence and run up to the 1st week of April, culminating in the national championship. Additionally, there are a myriad of early season tournaments that run through November and December to get college basketball betting fans excited about the year’s action. It’s also important to mention that conference tournaments take place before the NCAA tournament. Also, teams that win their respective conference get an automatic bid for the National Tournament.

The College Basketball Betting Season

NCAAB Betting

The March Madness tournament is undoubtedly one of the biggest betting events of the calendar year. The tournament in of itself if a single-elimination tournament consisting of 68 teams to determine who the best program in the nation is. There are 32 automatic bids to the tournament for teams that win their respective conference tournaments. Additionally there are 36 at-large bids that are awarded by the NCAA Selection Committee to fill the remaining positions.

The tournament begins with the First Four, which are 4 matchups that give some teams a final opportunity to enter the tournament. Afterwards the action begins with the First Round, which includes a total of 34 teams. Once the First Round is over, the teams that advanced will face each other in the second round. And then we get the rounds with the catchy names to finish the tournament.

Following the second round, college basketball betting players can wager on the Sweet Sixteen, then the Elite Eight, the Final Four and then the National Championship. Now that you have some basic understanding of how the season and tournament run, you can begin to make college basketball betting predictions. But first, it’s important to have some understanding of how college basketball betting lines work and the type of sportsbook odds available.

Parlays an extremely popular option because of the huge payouts they offer. Unlike teasers that don’t offer the best odds, parlays allow you to make small bets with huge payoffs. In essence, you are taking several small bets and combining them into one large bet. The only kicker is that all of your predictions must come true. Nevertheless, hitting a large parlay is undoubtedly one of the best bets you could possibly make.

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