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1/14/2021 Mens College (Now 8-4) Basketball Picks Gonzage $51 WIn Bet (Under 167). Win Potential $46=$297!

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Yeah Final Score Gonzaga 95 Pepperdine 70=165 points......Under by 2 points

Won $47+ bet $51=Bal $297. Started with $20.

NCAAB Betting

$51 Bet (Win potential $47) Under 167 points Gonzaga vs Pepperdine 
Bal $251 less $51 balance $200. Started with $20

Yeah Final Score Gonzaga 95 Pepperdine 70=165 points......Under by 2 points

Won $47+ bet $51=Bal $297

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Wednesday, January 13, 2021

1/14/2021. $750 MILLION: Second-largest Mega Millions jackpot in history to be drawn Friday 1/15

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NCAAB Betting

 $750 MILLION: Second-largest Mega Millions jackpot in history to be drawn Friday 1/15

Cash value worth more than a half-billion dollars

By Todd Northrop

Lottery Post 

After 34 drawings without a jackpot winner, the multi-state Mega Millions lottery game now boasts a swelling jackpot of three-quarters of a billion dollars that could instantly put someone among the wealthiest people on the planet.

When nobody won Tuesday night's grand prize, the Mega Millions jackpot grew to an estimated $750 million — the largest since a $1.5 billion Mega Millions jackpot from an Oct. 2018 drawing was claimed anonymously by a South Carolina player.

The next Mega Millions drawing is on Friday night at 11:00 pm Eastern Time (8:00 pm Pacific).

Friday's $750 million Mega Millions jackpot is the 2nd-largest in the game's history, and the 5th-largest United States lottery jackpot of all time (see full list below).

The lump-sum cash value of $550.6 million is the 3rd-largest on the all-time US lottery jackpot cash value list.

The current jackpot run-up started on Sept. 18 as a $20 million grand prize — it has been 4 months since Mega Millions has had a jackpot winner.

Lottery players wondering what all the cash will look like in their bank account after federal and state taxes are taken out can see an after-tax analysis of the current Mega Millions jackpot by visiting USA Mega's Jackpot Analysis page.

The rush of ticket sales over the next few days likely will propel the jackpot to an even higher amount before the drawing takes place Friday. Lottery Post and USA Mega will update the jackpot tallies displayed if such an increase occurs.

In Tuesday night's Mega Millions drawing, there was no jackpot winner, but 9 lucky players matched the first 5 numbers for a $1,000,000 prize: 1 from California, 2 from Florida, 1 from Georgia, 1 from Illinois, 1 from Missouri, 1 from New Jersey, 1 from Texas, and 1 from Washington.

One of the second-prize winners from Florida purchased their ticket with the Megaplier option for an extra $1 per play, increasing their prize to $2 million because the Megaplier number drawn was 2.

The Megaplier option is not available in California, because the fixed nature of the prize increase offered with the Megaplier is not compatible with California's pari-mutuel payouts. By law, California awards all lottery prizes on a pari-mutuel basis, meaning the prizes will change each drawing based on the number of tickets sold and the number of tickets that won at each prize level.

Also, a total of 116 tickets matched four of the first five numbers plus the Mega Ball to win a $10,000 prize. Of those tickets, 20 were purchased with the Megaplier option, increasing the prize to $20,000, and 15 were sold in California, where the prize awarded this drawing is $8,558.

The Mega Millions winning numbers for Tuesday, January 12, 2021, were 12, 14, 26, 28, and 33, with Mega Ball number 9. The Megaplier number was 2.

The complete payout information and official drawing video for Tuesday's drawing can be found at USA Mega's Mega Millions Drawing Information page.

Following the Tuesday drawing, the Mega Millions annuity jackpot estimate was raised $125 million from its previous amount of $625 million. The cash value was raised by $91.8 million from its previous amount of $458.8 million.

Mega Millions tickets cost $2 each. For an extra $1 per ticket players can purchase the Megaplier option, which multiplies any non-jackpot won by up to 5 times, depending on the Megaplier number drawn that evening.

Mega Millions is currently offered for sale in 45 states, plus Washington, D.C. and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Drawings are Tuesdays and Fridays at 11:00 pm Eastern Time.

To find the nearest lottery retailer to buy your tickets, head over to the Lottery Places website to download the free app on your iOS or Android phone or Windows computer. Lottery Places is the only app on the market that will locate lottery retailers in every state and jurisdiction throughout the United States.

Some states offer direct online sales too.  Michigan residents can bypass the store completely and buy Mega Millions tickets and Powerball tickets online.  Texas residents can buy Mega Millions tickets and Powerball tickets online too.  Oregon residents have options to buy Mega Millions tickets and Powerball tickets online as well.  Note that some of these links will only work properly for residents of the states mentioned.

Players outside the USA can use a reputable butler service to buy their Mega Millions tickets.

Mega Millions lottery results are published within minutes of the drawing at USA Mega (  The USA Mega Web site provides lottery players in-depth information about the United States's two biggest multi-state lottery games, Mega Millions and Mega Millions.

Top 25 United States lottery jackpots of all time

NCAAB Betting

Friday's Mega Millions jackpot currently stands as the 5th-largest lottery jackpot of all time in the United States, and the 2nd-largest Mega Millions jackpot ever.  Brisk sales will likely push the jackpot estimate higher by draw time.

If nobody wins Tuesday, it's anyone's guess how high it will go.

  1. Powerball: $1.5864 billion, Jan. 13, 2016 (19 rollovers, starting at $40 million) - California, Florida, Tennessee
  2. Mega Millions: $1.537 billion, Oct. 23, 2018 (25 rollovers, starting at $40 million) - South Carolina
  3. Powerball: $768.4 million, Mar. 27, 2019 (25 rollovers, starting at $40 million) - Wisconsin
  4. Powerball: $758.7 million, Aug. 23, 2017 (20 rollovers, starting at $40 million) - Massachusetts
  5. Mega Millions: $750 million, Jan. 15, 2021 (34 rollovers, starting at $20 million) - Preliminary estimate, not won yet
  6. Powerball: $687.8 million, Oct. 27, 2018 (21 rollovers, starting at $40 million) - Iowa, New York
  7. Mega Millions: $656 million, Mar. 30, 2012 (18 rollovers, starting at $12 million) - Illinois, Kansas, Maryland
  8. Mega Millions: $636 million, Dec. 17, 2013 (21 rollovers, starting at $12 million) - California, Georgia
  9. Powerball: $590.5 million, May 18, 2013 (13 rollovers, starting at $40 million) - Florida
  10. Powerball: $587.5 million, Nov. 28, 2012 (15 rollovers, starting at $40 million) - Arizona, Missouri
  11. Powerball: $564.1 million, Feb. 11, 2015 (20 rollovers, starting at $40 million) - North Carolina, Puerto Rico, Texas
  12. Powerball: $559.7 million, Jan. 6, 2018 (20 rollovers, starting at $40 million) - New Hampshire
  13. Powerball: $550 million, Jan. 13, 2021 (33 rollovers, starting at $20 million) - Preliminary estimate, not won yet
  14. Mega Millions: $543 million, Jul. 24, 2018 (22 rollovers, starting at $40 million) - California
  15. Mega Millions: $536 million, Jul. 8, 2016 (34 rollovers, starting at $15 million) - Indiana
  16. Mega Millions: $533 million, Mar. 30, 2018 (23 rollovers, starting at $40 million) - New Jersey
  17. Mega Millions: $522 million, Jun. 7, 2019 (24 rollovers, starting at $40 million) - California
  18. Powerball: $487 million, Jul. 30, 2016 (23 rollovers, starting at $40 million) - New Hampshire
  19. Powerball: $456.7 million, Mar. 17, 2018 (19 rollovers, starting at $15 million) - Pennsylvania
  20. Mega Millions: $451 million, Jan. 5, 2018 (23 rollovers, starting at $15 million) - Florida
  21. Powerball: $448.4 million, Aug. 7, 2013 (12 rollovers, starting at $40 million) - Minnesota, New Jersey (2)
  22. Powerball: $447.8 million, Jun. 10, 2017 (19 rollovers, starting at $40 million) - California
  23. Powerball: $435.3 million, Feb. 22, 2017 (18 rollovers, starting at $40 million) - Indiana
  24. Powerball: $429.6 million, May 7, 2016 (18 rollovers, starting at $40 million) - New Jersey
  25. Powerball: $425.3 million, Feb. 19, 2014 (15 rollovers, starting at $40 million) - California

For those keeping score, the number of jackpots in the top 25, by lottery game, are:

  • Powerball: 16
  • Mega Millions: 9

Top 25 cash value jackpots

NCAAB Betting

Since many lottery winners collect their winnings in cash, the lump-sum payout is an important measure of what a winning ticket could be worth.

Looking at the cash value, the upcoming Mega Millions jackpot ranks as the 6th-largest cash value in U.S. history.

  1. Powerball: $983.5 million cash, Jan. 13, 2016 ($1.5864 billion annuity) - California, Florida, Tennessee
  2. Mega Millions: $877.8 million cash, Oct. 23, 2018 ($1.537 billion annuity) - South Carolina
  3. Mega Millions: $550.6 million cash, Jan. 15, 2021 ($750 million annuity) - Preliminary estimate, not won yet
  4. Powerball: $480.5 million cash, Aug. 23, 2017 ($758.7 million annuity) - Massachusetts
  5. Powerball: $476.9 million cash, Mar. 27, 2019 ($768.4 million annuity) - Wisconsin
  6. Mega Millions: $471 million cash, Mar. 30, 2012 ($656 million annuity) - Illinois, Kansas, Maryland
  7. Powerball: $411.4 million cash, Jan. 13, 2021 ($550 million annuity) - Preliminary estimate, not won yet
  8. Powerball: $396.2 million cash, Oct. 27, 2018 ($687.8 million annuity) - Iowa, New York
  9. Powerball: $384.7 million cash, Nov. 28, 2012 ($587.5 million annuity) - Arizona, Missouri
  10. Powerball: $381.1 million cash, Feb. 11, 2015 ($564.1 million annuity) - North Carolina, Puerto Rico, Texas
  11. Mega Millions: $378 million cash, Jul. 8, 2016 ($536 million annuity) - Indiana
  12. Powerball: $370.9 million cash, May 18, 2013 ($590.5 million annuity) - Florida
  13. Powerball: $352 million cash, Jan. 6, 2018 ($559.7 million annuity) - New Hampshire
  14. Mega Millions: $347.6 million cash, Dec. 17, 2013 ($636 million annuity) - California, Georgia
  15. Mega Millions: $340 million cash, Jun. 7, 2019 ($522 million annuity) - California
  16. Powerball: $336.8 million cash, Jul. 30, 2016 ($487 million annuity) - New Hampshire
  17. Mega Millions: $324 million cash, Mar. 30, 2018 ($533 million annuity) - New Jersey
  18. Mega Millions: $320.5 million cash, Jul. 24, 2018 ($543 million annuity) - California
  19. Mega Millions: $319.9 million cash, Jun. 9, 2020 ($414 million annuity) - Arizona
  20. Powerball: $284 million cash, May 7, 2016 ($429.6 million annuity) - New Jersey
  21. Mega Millions: $281.9 million cash, Jan. 5, 2018 ($451 million annuity) - Florida
  22. Powerball: $279.1 million cash, Jun. 10, 2017 ($447.8 million annuity) - California
  23. Powerball: $276.5 million cash, Jan. 29, 2020 ($396.9 million annuity) - Florida
  24. Powerball: $273.9 million cash, Mar. 17, 2018 ($456.7 million annuity) - Pennsylvania
  25. Powerball: $263.5 million cash, Feb. 22, 2017 ($435.3 million annuity) - Indiana

The number of cash value jackpots in the top 25, by lottery game, are:

  • Powerball: 15
  • Mega Millions: 10

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

1/12/2021 Mens College (7-4) Basketball Picks Texas Money Line Winner $20! Lost

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NCAAB Betting

$20 bet (Win potential $14) Win Moneyline on 4) TX  (-3) vs Tx Tech (77-79)
Bal $251 started with $20


Fiverr Affiliate Program

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1/12/2021 OK State defeated Kansas 75-70. Kanas was down 19 , tied score at 70-70 and finally lost.


NCAAB Betting

Monday, January 11, 2021

1/11/2021 Alabama vs Ohio State! Wow! Who's going to win! Over 75 1/2 points. (Now 7-2) $264 + 37=$301

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Who's going to win!

by Kenny Rogers

Thank you for the 825 followers

1/11/2021 Last College Game of Season.....
Alabama vs Ohio State! Wow!
Ohio State 40-38 and (over 75 1/2)
Alabama won 52-24. Total 76 points
Covered, yeah. Correct
Bet $20=$264 + $37=$301
Now 7-2
College Football Betting

Alabama vs Ohio State!
Here’s a look inside Monday night’s national championship game matchup between No. 1 Alabama and No. 3 Ohio State at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Fla: 
How do you win when Ohio State had 13 players injured or out with Virus.

When Alabama has the ball:

Nightmares for opposing players, coordinators and coaches ensue. Alabama was third in the nation in points scored at 48.2, and the only reason it wasn’t first was due to how frequently its games were out of reach. The Crimson Tide had one single-possession result all season, a 52-46 √•win over Florida in the SEC Championship game. Of the top five Heisman Trophy vote-getters, three came from this offense: quarterback Mac Jones, running back Najee Harris and the winner, wide receiver Devonta Smith. Now, there is the chance Alabama gets back receiver Jaylen Waddle, who broke his right ankle on Oct. 24 and was considered the game’s premier downfield threat before the injury. Also, consider the offensive line won the Joe Moore Award, given to the top offensive front in the nation. Just a frightening assortment of talent that has yet to be slowed down. Jones has said Ohio State will be the best defense it has faced this year, and while that may be true, the Buckeyes’ 116th-ranked passing defense facing Jones, Smith and Harris screams mismatch. Look for Ohio State to use extra defensive backs to force Alabama to run the ball, but that could lead to a monster day for Harris, who led the country with 27 total touchdowns and won the Doak Walker Award as the nation’s top running back.

Edge: Alabama

When Ohio State has the ball:

There were questions about the Buckeyes offense entering the playoff, doubts about quarterback Justin Fields after subpar performances against quality defenses belonging to Indiana and Northwestern. Those were quieted with his memorable performance against Clemson, 385 passing yards and an Ohio State bowl record six touchdown passes. He has lethal weapons at his disposal, playmaking wide receivers Chris Olave and Garrett Wilson, and Oklahoma transfer running back Trey Sermon, who has hit his stride with 696 total yards over his past three games after a slow start. The big question is Fields’ health, after he played through obvious pain over the final 35 minutes of the Sugar Bowl following the helmet-first hit to his right side by Clemson’s James Skalski. The Buckeyes haven’t revealed much about how Fields is feeling, as is their practice with injuries. If he can’t use his legs, it will help Alabama, giving it one less dimension to worry about. This isn’t a trademark Nick Saban defense. It was gashed by Florida and Ole Miss, allowing a combined 94 points in the two wins. Inside linebacker Dylan Moses had a down year in his return from a torn ACL. The Crimson Tide can get after the quarterback — linebacker Will Anderson Jr. and defensive tackle Christian Barmore each enter the showdown with seven sacks — but it is also susceptible against the pass, ranked 79th in the country, and besides SEC Defensive Player of the Year Patrick Surtain II, lacks talent in the defensive backfield.

Edge: Ohio State

Special Teams

Alabama’s dynamic offense spreads to its kicker. Will Reichard hasn’t missed this year, going a perfect 13-for-13, including 4-for-4 from 40 yards and out, not to mention 77-for-77 on extra points. Neither team does much punting, but the Crimson Tide’s Smith could be a factor in the return game. He took a punt 84 yards for a score against Arkansas.

Edge: Alabama


The coaching matchup is fascinating. Saban is arguably the greatest of all time, looking to win a record seventh national title, coaching in his ninth championship game. Ohio State’s Ryan Day has never coached in this game, but everything we’ve seen from him suggests he won’t be overmatched. His team will be ready. He’s been on the sideline as a head coach for 24 games and won 23. Now he tries to beat the sport’s current king with everything on the line.

Edge: Alabama

Players (non-quarterbacks) who could decide the game

RB Devonta Smith, Alabama

In Alabama’s two biggest games of the season, the SEC Championship game victory over Florida and playoff rout of Notre Dame, Smith was an absolute force, catching 22 passes for 314 yards and five touchdowns. The Heisman Trophy winner — the SEC’s all-time leader in touchdown receptions with 43 — can wreck this game for Ohio State and its middling secondary.

RB Trey Sermon, Ohio State (injured shoulder, out of game)

How do you slow down Alabama’s electric offense? Keep it on the sideline. Nobody’s expecting Ohio State to play college football’s version of the four corners, but an effective Sermon can at least lead to long drives, cutting down the number of opportunities for Jones, Smith and Co.

CB Shaun Wade, Ohio State

Wade said on Wednesday he wanted Smith. He’s going to get him. It is the matchup to watch in this game, two projected first-round picks who will undoubtedly see a lot of one another. Wade returned for his senior year to improve his draft stock, and while he didn’t have a great season, and was shaky in coverage against Clemson, a big performance Monday night will be all anyone will remember about his final year in Columbus.


Defense will be a rumor. Neither team will slow down the other. Holding the opposition to a field goal will be considered a momentum-turning stop. There will be moments Ohio State looks like it can prevail. It will even hold a brief lead in the fourth quarter. But Alabama has the best player on the field. Smith scores three touchdowns and completes what can be argued as the best season ever for a wide receiver in college football.

NY Post selects Alabama (-7 1/2) 48, Ohio State 40 (Over/Under 75 1/2)

Kenny Rogers,expert Las Vegas Handicapper selects

Ohio State 40-38 and (over 75 1/2). Over correct 76 points.

Alabama will win. Ohio State had 13 players injured or out with Virus. Can't win without all these key players.

Alabama 52-Ohio State 24. Over correct 76 points.

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1/10/2021. FVRR! Stock now $253.86 Wow Wow Wow! Up 1,171 % since June 2019, Was $19.97. 14 Million Users. 500,000+ Free Lancers. # 1 Best Affiliate Program

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This is a massive win for our way of life and for the culture we are building together. Ten years ago, we had a dream - a dream of building the world's largest community, connecting talented people from around the world with businesses that need that talent. Today, we are the largest and fastest-growing community we dreamed of, but our book is far from being entirely written. In fact, we wake up every morning infused with a desire to help this incredible community grow and make our platform even better so that anyone who uses it will be able to make more from it and pursue their dreams.

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So what

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Now what

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